Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Resolutions anyone???

As I get ready to bid farewell to 2009, I'm looking ahead to 2010. What will it bring??? I usually make the same New Year's Resolutions over and over ~ lose weight, exercise, and diet. Really!?! I've come to accept my cellulite. I would rather do anything than run on a treadmill. And the thought of rice cakes...oh, you get my point. So in 2010, I'm going to set some more realistic goals for myself. And if I put them out there for you all to see, then you can check up on me throughout the year...So here I go...
1. Post regularly on my blog. Why have a blog if I don't post on it? The cards might be simple and easy to produce, but that's ok sometimes.
2. Try a new quilt pattern. My good friend Susan knows how much I love Lightning Fast pattern. In fact, I've made so many Lightning Fast quilts, I don't even use the pattern anymore. I need to expand on my quilting comfort zone.
3. Try one new recipe per week. I don't know about you, but I am so tired of making the same dinners week after week. I just signed up with to receive a new recipe per day. I'll pass along the good ones!!
4. Use old stamp sets. I'm sure you can empathise with this one. I have so many stamps sets, yet I feel like I use the same ones over and over again. While the older sets collect dust and get neglected.
5. (try to) stop hoarding my stamping supplies. How many of you have the prettiest ribbon sitting on a spool? I do! I bought a Hodgepodge Hardware set over a year ago, and I think I've only used 5 items from it so far. Why? Because they're too pretty to part with. Geez!! The more I use, the more I can buy... :)

So there you go...My 2010 resolutions. What are yours???

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